Welcome To The Golden Years


Many of us can relate to some of the following situations: Your forgetful elderly sister lives alone in a distant town and she calls you several times a day – not remembering her previous phone calls. Your mother or father is recovering from a stroke and needs help in their home. Your spouse or loved ones have asked you to promise that you would never put them in a nursing home, but you have no idea of what else to do.

Golden Years Management is a Geriatric Care Management practice serving clients in Southwestern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh and the surrounding area). We also provide service to clients anywhere in the U.S. through our participation in The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.

The Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of NAPGCM offers dignified care for the elderly, disabled, and dependent persons and their families, to maximize the independence and autonomy of our clients.

Golden Years Management can assist you and your family by: Conducting in-home assessments of people to determine what kinds of services they need.Screening, arranging and monitoring services to be used both inside and outside of the home.Suggesting referrals for financial, legal, medical, mental health, and housing issues. Acting as a liaison to enable local and out of town family members and friends to be informed about progress and changes. Assisting with moving a person to or from a personal residence, a nursing or personal care home, or a retirement complex. Offering emotional support and, if needed, referrals for counseling for both clients and family members.

Our Goals

We strive to ensure that the highest quality, most appropriate and cost-effective health and human services are used. We enable clients and their families to cope with the challenges of aging and/or disability. This helps the caregivers to continue with family and community responsibilities and maintain their own health and well-being.

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